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Puppy love :iconbaumbs:Baumbs 7 9 Puppy treats (Minecraft dog tf) :iconbaumbs:Baumbs 16 294 Going Minecraft :iconmojakthewolf:MojaktheWolf 15 5 Sheba Shuffle! :iconleechlights:LeechLights 25 13
An Uncertain Fate - First-Person CYOA - Beginning
Life is full of uncertainties, and every day is a new adventure.  At least, that’s what you’ve heard time and time again.  But in the circumstances you find yourself in, those words hold a lot more weight than you could have ever imagined.
You awaken on a soft, white couch, sitting in the middle of a blank, featureless room.  There was a door straight ahead of you, the only way in and out of this place.  You have no memory of entering this place nor of being taken here.  How did this happen?
Before you can react, you hear a voice echoing through the room, one wholly unfamiliar to you, sounding very gender neutral.  “Hello there, subject, and welcome to the crossroads of your life!  You have been selected to take part in an experiment that will determine what kind of role you’ll lead in life.  If this seems sudden, don’t worry, that’s just life for you!” The voice didn’t seem to be coming from any sp
:icondarkedge811:DarkEdge811 14 9
Herd Dog 0.5 :iconleechlights:LeechLights 32 27
The experiment, a wolf TF
(teen girl to wolf tf)
Kate slowly woke up and she didn’t know where she was. Her vision was blurred at first, but when her vision focused she saw that she was in a strange room and two doors and a big mirror next to one of the doors. When she looked in the mirror she saw that her clothes were gone. “What the… where am I? What’s going on?” she said. “Ah, your finally awake! So now the experiment can start,” said a strange voice. “Hey, where are you? Give me back my clothes!” she said. “Believe me, you don’t need them anymore.” The voice answered. “Let’s start the experiment.”
Kate was shocked when she felt something stinging her in her bag. When she felt she found a dart with some kind of liquid in it. “What is this for thi…” She started to feel dizzy and sat down on the floor. She felt something itchy in her hands. She gasped when she saw that her fingers started to shrank and
:iconspyrofreak01:spyrofreak01 125 81
My one and only wish dog tf pt 1
Mom asked me one morning what was my wish I replied mom it is to become a husky she oh Brad well I think your wish can come true I said mom be serious that's not mentally or phiysicaly true just be real mom shouted Be nice to your mother!!!! I said sorry mom she said dear its ok but how about this we go out and get you a husky dog female ok I said mom why girl she said just because I said um ok your acting strange she just smiled when we got to the pet store we found a husky dog that recently had pups but the pups were already sold but we still ought her when we got home mom took  her into her lab we called the dog sally and mom is a scientist when she was done she had a needle full of sall's blood she injected it into me I yelled in pain and screamed what the heck!!!!!!! She said look down I looked down and saw white and black fur growing on my legs I felt pain in my tail bone it was a small tail for a small pup like a newborn I said mom what is happening she said don't worry hon
:iconpokemonrocksapples:pokemonrocksapples 3 2
Free Dancing Dog Animation :iconleechlights:LeechLights 100 17
The lonely boy (Dog Akita TF)
The lonely boy (Dog akita TF)
Oliver sat in the garden on the patio with nothing to do. He had no friends to talk to or to play with, nobody liked him, they thought he was strangely different. He sighed as he dreamed of having a puppy to play with, cute, fluffy and full of energy. His mum didnt want him to have a dog, she says they are messy and leaves hairs everywhere. He slumped his shoulders and just stared out into the horizon for the next few minutes until he fell asleep.
He woke up, he looked at his watch to see he was asleep for about half an hour. Suddenly he heard a high pitched wimpering coming from behind his garden shed. He stood up and brushed himself off and walked over to the shed. He peeked around the corner to see a fluffy white dog sitting on a rock, looking up at  him with light blue eyes. Oliver stood in shock, it was exactly how he pictured his dog to look like! He squeezed behind the shed and picked up the small dog and walked it over to his patio. He placed
:iconsticklebrickkid:sticklebrickkid 6 6
All Friends, No Family - Part1
It was dark…really dark. You know, that kind of dark where you feel completely alone, with no one to comfort you, or to take care of you, no one by your side. These were the dysfunctional thoughts of Kyle Daegan. His friends called him Tai, but then again, he didn't have many friends to begin with.
Tai was a wolf. He lived within a pack of other wolves far from human society. He didn't know much about these "outsiders" but he knew that they were killing off wolves for fun. He thought the idea was really unintelligent. At least he agreed with a few others.
He was lying on his back, in the middle of a forest. He was gazing up at the moon, watching it slowly as it rotated around the Earth he despised greatly. It was now directly above him. 12:00 midnight. July 9th, 2038. Tai had just turned seventeen. And in a way, he was almost impressed.
Seventeen years before, the Daegan family, Kara and Andrew, was celebrating upon the birth of their new son. Well, at least one half of the family.
:icondantastic202:dantastic202 2 6
The Winter Wolf.
Winter:  That time of year when snow starts falling.  To the people of our time, it likely conjures up images of skiers, children sledding and engaging in snowball fights, and snowmen watching with envy as families share cups of hot coco and gifts around the Christmas tree.  
Yet, cozy in our homes, we often forget that not two hundred years ago, our predecessors didn't have things quite so easy.  I'd be lying if I said that there was no enjoyment at all in the winter, but their lives were far more difficult then ours.  
Food and firewood needed to be carefully rationed, and game was scarce.  Even though houses offered protection from wind and snow, they did little to keep the occupants warm if no fire was burning.  It's not surprising, then, that winter split many more families then than it does now.  Many parents were left childless; many children had their parents torn from them.  Those who cou
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 23 10
Random Dog TF 2
It was my dog's birthday, he was always alone at home, since I'd be at school and my parents would be away at work. I always wanted to get another dog to play with him when I was gone for the day, but my parents would always reply "no another dog would just be more work for us."
Early that morning I went down stairs to give him a nice treat, I fed it to him. He was rubbing up against me, I pet him, I had told him "I really wish I could stay with you, and maybe perhaps be your playmate, but I have to leave" at that very moment he bit my left arm.
I rubbed where he bit since it hurt, but he hadn't growled or did it on accident, like he meant to do it. I could see hairs growing around the bite mark, then I felt hot. I knew something about me wasn't right, so I ran up to my room so my parents couldn't see what was about to happen to me.
My arm began to grow fur around it, my left hand was turning into a paw, the fur started to run up towards my chest. I screamed out in pain as my insides w
:iconshygreywulf:ShyGreyWulf 3 0
Long time no see
The wind blew past my hair, ruffling it slightly. I was on the bank of a river, a most amazing river that cut through the green pastures like an arrowhead into a target. I could see many mountains in the distance, far away from me in this small place.
It was a nice place to come to and I felt particularily happy as the sun shone on my face. I heard a sound out in the distance, echoing of the massive slate walls of the mountains. It was a dog's bark.
I was worried, no one ever came to this spot.
I started to feel slightly jelous. As the barking came closer and a small tan dog was seen rising over the hill without an owner, my heart lifted. My secret spot was still secret to me. The dog had obvious intentions of coming toward me, I thought it a friendly
gesture. He came into my open palm, panting heavily.
"Hi boy, what are you doing here?"
I did not excpect a reply, but I stayed wordless for several seconds, before the dog started nibbling at my trousers, "Hey stop that!" I said at first
:iconjaco101:Jaco101 8 2
Trick Gone Wrong
It was a normal day at Canyon High. There were rumors floating around about a new student. This student was said to be from Germany although that was all that was said about him.
A young boy walked through the hallway to get to class. He was at least 15, just starting his freshman year like everyone else. He had somewhat long brown hair and wore a navy blue shirt and kind of baggy pants. As soon as he got to the door to his classroom, he stopped. He overheard the teacher mentioning a new student. He started  to walk in.
The students all looked at him. He walked to the front of the class and introduced himself.
"Hi. My name's Derrick Wilson. Nice to meet you."  Derrick greeted.
Meanwhile, as Derrick told a bit about himself, some kids in the back row talked about the new kid.
"He really does look foreign." One of the guys said.
"I think he looks cute." The girl said.
"Heh. You think every guy's cute."
"Shut up, Dan!" The girl exclaimed.
"Sorry, Chelsea."
Derrick took
:iconanimeboye:Animeboye 29 27
Arf! Woof! Woof! [Pomeranian (Dog) TF]
Written By Zachary Everlust

I always liked my dog, he is such an adorable fur ball…or at least that is what I tend to call him. But in every good, comes evil.

He has a…an atrocious habit of barking. Whenever someone would turn up at our front door, he would bark constantly like when the ceiling collapsed on my father’s head just yesterday. …It was unfortunate, but hey! At least someone noticed…or should I say, some DOG!
So anyway, on the topic, the people he tend to bark at is…well…anybody. Not just strangers, but anybody.  Whether it’s the guy next door, or even my mom. He would bark as though he’s the king of the house. Which well…I should say that is kind of true.
He rarely gets punished, mostly due to his cutesy attitude that prevents him from getting punished most of t
:iconzacharyeverlust:ZacharyEverlust 30 11


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